A post full of business analytics updates

Here are a few updates, news and noteworthy links for this week.

New book about Performance Management

Make sure to check out the latest book about Performance Management written by Steve Player and the late Jeremy Hope. It’s called Beyond Performance Management: Why, When, and How to Use 40 Tools and Best Practices for Superior Business Performance. I just downloaded it for my Kindle and will post a review as soon as possible.

IBM Finance Forum 2012

IBM Finance Forum is a great event for all finance professionals. The summit provides a ton of business best practices, customer stories and the latest updates about business analytics solutions for the office of finance. This year will be especially exciting: You will get to see a lot of new and exciting solutions. The event is hosted in over 70 cities around the globe. Click here to obtain more information.

Can Twitter predict the Oscars?

Can Twitter predict the Oscars? Interesting question. We will find out on Sunday. Watch this short video! Quite intriguing.

New Performance Ideas Blog logo

Some of you might have noticed: This blog has a new logo and I am really excited about it. My talented friend Samanata Le (San Francisco) designed it. How do you like it?

The Performance Ideas Blog

My favorite part of the logo is the icon cloud.

Performance Ideas Blog


P.S.: Make sure to register for the upcoming virtual product launch event ‘IBM Innovations in Business Analytics’.







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  1. Naikconnect

    Fantastic logo…the icon cloud communicates it all…good job Samanata!