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Mark Jeffries: “Have you invested in yourself?”


In the IT business – we have a big advantage. Very cool solutions that truly help businesses solve problems. Nice!

However, that is not our challenge. The IT challenge is actually whether your target – be it client, colleague or boss – actually wants to buy YOU!  The unspoken questions become – ‘what value do you bring’, why should I trust you? What will YOU do for me?

Businesses understand that with an economy in a fragile recovery, it is impossible to ruthlessly raise prices and to aggressively grab market share. Instead, it would appear that the game is to add value, offer the customer more and constantly justify their  existence.

From an individual perspective, we need to take note. Taking a leaf out of the book of ‘big business’, for our own use as individuals, is worth a go.


Never forget that people buy people – and every time that you explain the benefit of your offering, the value of your products or the brilliance of your service –  people are really choosing whether they buy YOU or not. Here are some ideas on how you can increase your own buyability.