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  • Business Analytics and the art of cycling

    Road biking is a big passion of mine. The other day I was out on a long training ride with a good friend. One of the nice things about biking is that you can talk a lot on those rides. Since we were talking about different aspects of our work, my friend finally wanted to […]

  • An interview about Performance Management

    IBM Switzerland conducted an interview with me a while ago. For some reason, a friend of mine stumbled upon this last week. The interview was conducted in German, but I have attached the English transcript produced by IBM. The Podcast appeared on the Swiss IBM website. Welcome to the podcast on the subject of optimized […]

  • The useful budget?

    Fall of 2010. Many people across the world are engaged in a process that has polarized generations of business managers. Some love it. Most hate it. Yet, almost every company invests endless numbers of hours into the process. We are talking about the annual budget. BEGINNINGS The annual budget is a management tool that was […]

  • The new normal?

    Over the last 24 months I had the honor of meeting with 100s of customers in over 35 different countries. Many of our discussions evolved around the economic crisis. No matter which country, companies across the globe felt or are still feeling the crisis. Granted: you can’t really compare the Ukraine that was forecast to post […]

  • Hello world and welcome to Performance Management Insights

    Thanks much for reading this blog. My intention is to share experiences and ideas for better performance management. Performance Management helps companies make smarter business decisions. It is basically a cycle of three questions: How is my business performing? Why is that so? What should I be doing moving forward? Questions 1 and 2 evolve […]

  • Hello world!

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