Business Analytics News

Business Analytics News

Greetings from Munich, Germany! Just a quick update for this week.

New Business Analytics blog

There is a new business analytics blog you should check out. It is written by my Australian colleague Katrina Read and it’s called Kat’s Insigh. Her blog focuses on thoughts and ideas around IBM Business Analytics. Make sure to bookmark the site and/ or to subscribe to Katrina’s RSS feed.

Katrina Read
Katrina Read's Business Analytics Blog

Finance Forum 2012

The Finance Forum 2012 events are happening across the globe right now. These are one day events for finance and IT professionals. IBM has hired some fantastic external thought-leaders to speak at these conferences. Speakers include book author and leader of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable, book author and forecasting expert Steve Morlidge as well as the ‘King of KPIs’ Dave Parmenter. I will be delivering the keynotes at some of the Asian and the European events next month. You can find the detailed schedule on the IBM website. Please drop me a note if you want to connect.

IBM Vision 2012

The IBM Vision 2012 event in Orlando was awesome. Almost 800 finance and risk professionals met last week to discuss trends in processes and technology. I personally enjoyed the clear focus on the conference. The break-out sessions were fantastic. I will try to post a few customer interviews next month. In the meantime, I would like to encourage you to watch the keynotes from Vision 2012. The Livestream channel features some great stuff including a thrilling presentation by Mt Everest explorer Alison Levine and IBM’s CFO Mark Loughride.

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