Steve Jobs about iCloud in 1997 – Back to the Future

iCLOUD IN 1997?

While reading the Steve Jobs biography last week, I watched some videos of Steve Job’s presentations. The great majority of the recordings are worth watching. There is a lot to learn from the master himself. He surely did know how to present. His appearances were always characterized by great clarity and passion.

When it comes to understanding his foresight and amazing vision, one recording certainly sticks out. And that one is not necessarily the best in terms of visuals, laughs and such. Watch this short 5 min recording from the famous 1997 Apple WWDC. Jobs is talking about some of his ideas. It is amazing to listen to this 14 years later. Much of this thinking is now incorporated in iCloud.






One response to “Steve Jobs about iCloud in 1997 – Back to the Future”

  1. Chris975

    He’s just talking about using a file server on a network. Not exactly iCloud or revolutionary in 1997.