Information on Demand 2011 – A great show

Greetings from the Information on Demand in Las Vegas – again. It’s been extremely busy here. From looking at the participants, it feels that the conference is a huge success. Sessions are packed, the Expo is busy and the evening events are great fun.


One of the highlights of the conference was most certainly the first Business Analytics keynote by Rob Ashe, Eric Yau and Deepak Advani. Over 3000 people attended the session. They presentation focused on a number of things including market trends, solution updates and key investment areas for the next 12 months. Eric Yau also interviewed a very special customer: the Cincinnati Zoo. Director of Operations, John Lucas, shared how the zoo leverages Cognos 10 to improve their overall performance. He also gave a hands-on demo which was very cool.


Following the interview with John Lucas, I had the honor to show four new demos:

  • Mobile – The new iPad app for Cognos 10
  • Business Insight – New features and overview
  • SPSS Modeller – New features and overview
  • Scenario planning with TM1 and Cognos 10

My colleague Ben Plummer also gave a sneak preview of a potential future products that is in the labs. This was not your average demo. Football fans will love it

In case you have not been able to catch the session, make sure to watch the recording. Here are a couple of pointers in case your have limited time:

  • Minute 8 – Rob Ashe takes the stage and provides an update on Business Analytics
  • Minute 32 – Eric Yau discusses the latest technology
  • Minute 38 – John Lucas discusses the Cincinnati Zoo story
  • Minute 51 – Cognos demos


Watch live streaming video from ibmsoftware at

Stay tuned for some additional updates in the next few days. #iod11 #baforum

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5 responses to “Information on Demand 2011 – A great show”

  1. David

    Tried to watch the video on my iPad but got the error “this video clip is not mobile compatible” I guess the solutions are still in Beta!

    1. cpapenfuss

      Hmm…I got the same error. Livestream does not support mobile devices, yet. A bit of a surprise, I would say.

    2. Anonymous

      Hi David – True! Looks like live stream does not support any mobile devices, yet. Strange.

  2. Such a shame … The dashboards displayed during the presentation are poorly designed … from a data visualization perspective 😉

    1. cpapenfuss

      Hi Stephane – Thanks for your comment. Experience has shown that dashboards for these really quick and fast-paced main stage demos tend to resonate better when they are more colorful. I personally would not design or recommend a production dashboard that way.