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Cognos Insight is here! A first look.

Cognos Insight & Personal Analytics

Exciting news! The latest member of the IBM Cognos family of business analytics solutions IBM Cognos Insight is here. This solution will provide business users with analytical freedom while allowing IT to maintain proper control.  Some of you have might have already seen a demo.  The purpose of this post is to give you a really quick overview of Cognos Insight. Please keep in mind, though, that this post won’t cover all the exciting things you can do with this new solution. Check back for follow-up posts later this month.

Cognos Insight sits on the desktop

Cognos Insight Home ScreenCognos Insight is a desktop tool that allows you to do a lot of things: data exploration, analysis, what-if scenarios, planning, forecasting, dashboarding, prototyping, etc.. You download it and install it on your Windows machine. Having the software on your desktop provides you with the advantage of being able to work in a disconnected and connected mode while leveraging the full power of your machine. Speaking of power and speed – Cognos Insight runs in-memory. The product is based on the highly successful IBM Cognos TM1 engine. When you first open it up, you will see the desktop that invites you to create a new workspace or to open up existing applications.

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What’s happening in the IBM Labs? The BA Forum Keynote – Day 2

Information on Demand 2011

The IBM Business Analytics Forum 2011 featured two keynotes this year. The day 1 keynote focused on the general IBM strategy in the business analytics segment along with several product updates and demos. The day 2 presentation had a bigger focus on specific solutions. And not only that: There was a preview of what is being developed in the IBM Labs. You will have to watch the hands-on demo.

The Cognos keynote chapters

In case you have limited time, here are some key chapters that can view in the video below.

  • Minute 10:30 – Trends & Decision Making with Deepak Advani
  • Minute 23:30 – Demo: Social Media Analysis – Jason Verlen
  • Minute 28:30 – Solution update with Deepak Advani
  • Minute 45:00 – Demo: Decision Management – Jason Verlen
  • Minute 55:30 – IBM Labs (Personal Analytics) with Harriet Fryman, Eric Yau and Christoph Papenfuss

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