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  • The Performance Manager

    Have you heard of the Performance Manager book? If not, you should take a look at it! The Performance Manager is a book that can provide a lot of value to you and your Business Analytics projects. Some people describe it as a ‘Recipe book for Analytics’. Mike Duncan recently blogged about designing dashboards and […]

  • Dashboarding – Insights from Mike Duncan – Part 2

    Each indicator must have a strong correlation to your ability to effect change In my last post I laid out 3 practical and compelling questions in developing your dashboarding program: How should my company be using a dashboard(s)? What is the basic process for choosing my KPI’s? What are some common mistakes I should avoid […]

  • Dashboarding – Insights from Mike Duncan, Bizzeness -Part 1

    Your dashboard should provide the least amount of the most critical data In a previous post I discussed the art of dashboarding at a very fundamental level. That post sparked enough interest that I wanted to follow with more discussion about the practical aspects of dashboarding. Here are three of the most compelling practical questions […]