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  • Collaboration and BI?

    One of the first things we learn from our parents and teachers is that we are stronger when we act as a team. 1+1=3 or something like. And it is true! I have had some of my best learning experiences in a team environment. Every once in a while, we forget just how powerful teamwork […]

  • The useful budget?

    Fall of 2010. Many people across the world are engaged in a process that has polarized generations of business managers. Some love it. Most hate it. Yet, almost every company invests endless numbers of hours into the process. We are talking about the annual budget. BEGINNINGS The annual budget is a management tool that was […]

  • Hello world and welcome to Performance Management Insights

    Thanks much for reading this blog. My intention is to share experiences and ideas for better performance management. Performance Management helps companies make smarter business decisions. It is basically a cycle of three questions: How is my business performing? Why is that so? What should I be doing moving forward? Questions 1 and 2 evolve […]

  • Hello world!

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